Pyote, TX – Rattlesnake Bomber Base

 In Texas Goes To War

BEWARE RATTLESNAKES–1. Wear boots or high-top shoes or leggings. 2. Wear protective gloves. 3. Watch where you step. 4. Watch where you reach.

This LEGIT warning was posted for U.S. Army Air Force flight crews stationed at Pyote Army Air Field, also known as Rattlesnake Bomber Base, in far West Texas during World War II.

Construction of the field started in September 1942 and consisted of two 8,400-foot runways and a taxiway that, together, formed a triangle. Within months of its opening, Pyote Field became the largest bomber base in the U.S., growing to a population of 6,500 by October 1944. The base included five large hangars, shops, warehouses, and living quarters. The insignia for Rattlesnake Bomber Base designed by Disney Studios.

During the War, B-17 bomber crews and by Summer 1944 B-29 crews trained at the Rattlesnake Bomber Base. After the war, Pyote served as a storage site for as many as 2,000 aircraft, including the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay known for dropping the atomic bomb.

Photos provided by the Rattlesnake Bomber Base Museum

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