Rules of CAF Wings over Dallas WWII Airshow

Can I bring weapons or firearms to the show?

Wings Over Dallas must comply with local, state and federal laws concerning possession of firearms and weapons at an airport.  Firearms, weapons and concealed firearms are prohibited. For a full listing of TSA restricted items at airports, please see:

Can I bring a scooter/wheelchair/golf cart?

Motorized scooters and wheelchairs for disabled patrons are allowed in the Airshow grounds; personal golf carts are not allowed. There are also people-mover trams running the length of the Airshow grounds that can be ridden. Please be aware that the crowds may be heavy and maneuvering may be difficult, and that there is no place at the show to plug in and “recharge.”

Can I bring a lawn chair or blanket?

Yes! There is no seating included with your General Admission ticket and guests are invited to bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit. However, no tents, large umbrellas, or canopies are allowed.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

You may bring your own food and drink, however you are NOT allowed to bring in a cooler, alcoholic beverages or glass containers. Any food or drink must be in clear plastic container or bag for quick inspection. Loose ice is prohibited. Frozen ice packs are allowed. No large bags. Any bags brought in are subject to search by the security personnel at the gates and you may not be allowed in with such items. No cooking equipment is allowed.

Remember that there are many different food and drink vendors available at the show, with most being run by charitable groups as fundraisers. Complimentary water is available at several locations marked with a “WATER” banner.

Why the restrictions on coolers, large bags, and totes?

The FAA and Department of Homeland Security have required us to enforce these rules for your safety. You will be on airport grounds. This is a rule common to all airports, major airshows and events in the U.S.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon for my kids?

Yes, strollers or small wagons are allowed. Please limit any diaper bags to the smallest you can manage. All items will be searched by security personnel at the gates and they have the final say on what is allowed in.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, cameras for personal use are allowed. Your camera bags will be checked by gate security upon entry. Remember that the Airshow performance and many performers’ acts are copyrighted, and your photography or video cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Are drones allowed?

Drones are not allowed.  A TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) will be in affect with a 5 mile radius around the airport restricting air traffic of all types including any drones.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are NOT allowed onto the Airshow area and should NOT be left in vehicles. Because of the festival setting with food and drink vendors, the Health Department prohibits animals, other than legally allowed guide and assistance animals. Please also understand that temperatures on the tarmac area can easily reach in excess of 120 degrees and will burn a pet’s feet, plus the loud noises and explosions can injure their sensitive hearing and/or frighten the animals.

Commercial Media

The terms “Commemorative Airforce,” “CAF,” “Commemorative Airforce Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow,” and “Wings Over Dallas,” and all variations are trademarks of the Commemorative Air Force. These names, marks, logos, and designs are made available here for usage by editorial staff of news media. Any other usage of these logos must be approved by the Airshow. Uses that imply endorsement or sponsorship of any product, service or media outlet are strictly prohibited.

This logo must be used in its entirety without any alternations whatsoever.

Downloading and use of the copyrighted images implies acceptance of the above restrictions. Any other questions may be directed to

Prohibited Items

Save yourself time and hassle by leaving the following items at home, in your car or at your campsite, as these items will not be allowed through the admission gates:

  • Coolers larger than 12 x 18 inches
  • Beer, wine, liquor or any other alcoholic beverage
  • Firearms, fireworks and explosives
  • Knives with a blade length of more than 4 inches
  • Pets, other than service animals
  • Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, “Razor” style boards, Segway personal transports, or any other self-propelled device (except that the following are allowed: a. One person electric/handicapped convenience vehicles; and b. Other Personal Disability Mobility Devices, such as Segways, when required because of the individual’s mobility disability and when operated in a safe manner, consistent with 28 C.F.R. 36.311(b)(1).).
  • Oversized backpacks

Random checks will be done on coolers, backpacks, large purses, and other bags allowed in. All items, vehicles and persons are subject to search.

Prohibited items, other than firearms and illegal substances, will be the responsibility of the individual who brought the item. If it is left behind, it will be taken to lost and found. If the item is food or beverage, it will be discarded.


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